This color world enables us to customize the look of every woman, respecting the hair fiber with products that are increasingly at the forefront of research in the laboratories of the TOP companies in the world.




The most innovative cutting techniques taken from the best academies in Europe and brought to the salon to achieve volumes and shapes more and more fashionable .

Between , sweeping California , sweeping coast , streaks bend, moon shots , marbled , highlights, streaks and classical techniques , shifting the world of light and shadow takes shape to enhance a cut, or a sylouette to enhance or highlight a particular .

The duration of the enamel is much longer and nails naturally lengthen . When the regrowth bother you remove with a solvent and if you like another color replication without any commitment .

The hands, for us , they do everything : washing, take it, caress and many times speak for us . A cuddle dedicated to these outstanding collaborators could to please us and them.